Saturday, March 31


I've been in hell the last few days...

Mahdi had a slight fever (after his immunization shot), and has been needing a LOT of attention, and for some unexplained reason, suddenly is refusing to drink from his bottle... and to make matters worst, Muuzi was admitted in the hospital since Monday.. for a Gallbladder infection.

I've been shuffling back and forth with the baby to the hospital because i can't leave him at home, cuz as i mentioned he's refusing to bottlefeed. So i have to bring him everywhere i go, which is incredibly tiring....

Especially since Muuzi needs me now...

I felt like such a bad wife, leaving him to sleep alone in the hospital all those nights.. but i know Muuzi understands that Mahdi needs me more right now.

Mahdi all bundled up to visit ayah at DSH.

Muuzi in his hospital scrubs before he got discharged..

Luckily Muuzi is out now, and resting up at home, and Mahdi is back to his usual happy self. With the exception that he STILL won't drink from his bottle. Haih.

How la? Any moms out there who know how to go about this?

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