Sunday, March 25

A weighty subject..

If u've been following my blog, u'll know that i've been struggling with weight issues for the last few years.

I went from being 68kgs to being 86kgs in 2 years.

Theres a lot of reasons for this, and i've pin pointed a few, which are mainly lack of excersize and fast foods.

During the first trimester.. I had very bad morning sickness, which made it very hard for me to keep down food.

So i loss about 10kgs in those 3 months.. Then put it all back on during the next 6 months of the pregancy. Before delivering Mahdi i was 89kgs.. The heaviest i had ever been.

And now post delivery... I am now down to 82kgs. But i have seem to have reached a stopping point with the weightloss.

I was at tok's house this weekend and a relative who i seldom see asked me when was my baby due?... I said i already had my baby, and im just fat.

So how am i gonna lose the rest of this weight? Ideally, i'd like to be back to 68kgs. Ut honest i'd settle for anything under 75.

Maybe i should start the dukan diet again. It seemed to be working. Plus im staying at home, so theres no reason i cant watch what i eat.

According to Dukan i can lose 15kgs in 3 months. But i'll have to check if i should be dieting while im breastfeeding. Kesian Mahdi kene diet secara tak langsung. We'll see how.

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