Friday, April 6

Pray for Alda

This is so sad,

While Muuzi was in the hospital (Damansara Specialist), we found out that another of our friends, Alda was also admitted in DSH.

Apparently Alda collapsed, and is currently still unconscious.. he is only 29 years old.

This event has me reevaluating my life.

I've been bugging Muuzi to do something about his weight, cuz it's because of his size, that he's prone to all sorts of health issues... but then we get news bout someone like Alda, who seems completely fit and healthy, but suddenly his brain bleeds and ends up in a coma.

I will never complain again. I'm glad that Muuzi has something that is treatable, and i will do my best to make sure he gets better..

My prayers go to Alda and his family, and hopefully he'll recover soon.

If u'd like to find out more about Alda and his condition join this FB group.

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