Tuesday, October 4

Medan tripping!

So last weekend me, mashi and 6 of my puteri wilayah girls went to Medan, Indonesia...

The trip was soooo much fun, and everything i could have hoped for. We all had our hair done, went for spa & facials and did a LOT of shopping!

We went to the Pasar Ikan (which is really pasar kain...) and hit mostly malls, and had awesome nasi padang, minang, and makanan sunda.

Will update more pics when i get around to it :p (which usually means never).

Yan, Ayu and Zetty @ Breakfast at the hotel

Waiting for our ride.

Me and Zetty have been friends since form 1!

Got my hair cut, and i'm sorta loving my new look! :D

Bika Ambon picnic at the Airport before boarding our flight.

Jalan2 medan..

I found THE CUTEST little shoe store in Medan, so cute i came home and started stalking it's facebook page. I'm so getting more of these shoes for Mahdi later. ^_^

Mashi bids Bye bye to Medan!!

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