Sunday, April 8

Muuzi ROCKS!!!

My husband spoils me SO MUCH...

I've been wanting an oven for ages, and since i've started earning my own money again, i've been saving to buy myself an oven.

Finally went down with Muuzi to BEST in OU to get one....Being the impulse shopper that he is, we ended up bring home a additional electric grill as well.

I usually frown upon Muuzi's impulse buys, but this grill was a FANTASTIC addition to our kitchen. Since we both are on a mission for healthier food, grilling things instead of frying them was a delight.

Now we have BBQ Sundays, were every weekend we'll have something yummy thats cooked on the grill for lunch. Here's some pics of our first attempt. :)

AWESOME Grilled Spinach Burgers.

Ingredients: Spinach, Cooked garlic and onions, and minced meat.

Mush ingredients into patties, and grill

Add fresh salad, dijon mayo and toasted buns. YUM!!

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