Saturday, November 19


I woke up early this morning in fury of excitement because today, I get my own car...

Albeit i didn't buy this car, with my own money... it's better because someone loves me enough to buy it for me. Anyway, doesn't make it any less mine. Besides, i've made it clear that when i start working again, i'm going to take over the car payments.. which i think is more then fair.

Anyway, since Muuzi was working late on friday.. getting him to wake up on saturday morning was difficult. But finally we were both up and ready to go.. even mama wanted joined us to go pick up the car. But something weird happened when we got downstairs to our condo parking lot, the space usually inhabitant by Muuzi's Orange Satria NEO was already replaced with a purple Myvi.... yup MY PURPLE MYVI.

On top of that it was decorated with strings of glittery boas and a big ribbon. I was beyond surprised, because as i've said many times, the man isn't very discreet... but this time i was truly a surprised.

yes, it's purple and i insisted that it comes with a touchscreen GPS (so i will never get lost.. teehee)

Words cannot describe how lucky i feel today, and how i feel so blessed to be with the person that i love and still have the things i want... All i need now is to install the carseat and wait for my baby to arrive so we can take him jalan2. 


cahya indah said...

I'm waiting for my car to arrive..and I'm not the one to pay for it, until some time later too.

Ayeshadam said...

hehe.. yea, all in due time :)

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