Sunday, January 1

It's finally OVER...

I simply cannot explain the feeling i have right now.

It might seem sappy beyond words but it's just an amazing miracle that has made all the shit i've gone thru in the pass few months worth it.

My baby boy is finally here, and i couldn't be happier.

So without further a due, i'm extremely proud to introduce my little angel,

Muhammad Mahdi Latif bin Mundzir.
born on New Years Eve, 31st December 2011, 9.44am at a healthy 3.1kg's.

First family picture ever. :)

I am currently overwhelmed by motherhood, and relieved that everything went well.. details on the delivery process coming soon. :)

Happy New Year everybody! 


1 comment:

cahya indah said...

congrats Ayesha and Muuzi. What do you call the cute boy?

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