Monday, December 20

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzzzzieeee!!!!

Yes tis it! the much awaited ozzie trip update!!!

I am so excited, cuz i just finished going thru bagazillion pictures!

Here it goes!!!

DAY 0 3rd Dec 2010 (friday)

Our flight was at 9pm that day, so me and alia still had to go work, boo.

Unfortunately my work day started off with a GOTCHA call from Ian and JJ. -_- See marrying rockstars has it's downfalls. I do not recommend it. (JK, haha)

neways, got off work at 5ish and sped back home to grab my bags and rush to LCCT.

Lets just say, it wasn't my best day. I was a mess, rushing to get off work early, i accidently cut my finger while cutting some paper. Then i flew out of the office, leaving behind me house keys, wallet, and USD 300 that Muuzi had given me to use (incase of emergency).

I know, im so goddamn hopeless. Luckily i gave my passport to alia the night before. So it turned out i didn't really need my wallet and stuff.


Anyhow, we finally got on the plane! How was the flight? Seriously, it was torture, babies crying, i was in between Alia and a giant indian guy, it was so cramped i swear. Honestly i have never flown long distance using AirAsia before, during the landing my ears felt like they were about to explode, not fun. PURE TORTURE.

Somehow i fell asleep, and woke up just as the sun was rising above what looked like the australian desert. It was so beautiful. :)

Anyway, 8 Super uncomfortable hours later... we landed in Coolangatta Airport.

Day 1!!!
Alia's friend Donna, was nice enuff to make the 1 hour drive from Brisbane to Coolangatta to pick us up at 7am local time..

We made the 1 hour drive back to Donna's place (where we were to be staying for this trip) and had a short break before Alia decided it was absolutely necessary that we go to the famous Australian morning market.

@Donna's driveway. Our first pic in OZ.

I had no complaints, despite being a bit tired i was excited to see all the sights, it being my first time here and all.. plus i was starving.

The West End morning market!

The Coffee nut had her first cuppa joe, and i had some yummy HOT Chocolate. Then we had Hungarian Langos with lotsa cheese for breakfast. It was awesome, in fact even blogging about it now makes me hungry...

The Australian summer weather proved a fickle thing, cuz one minute it was nice and sunny, then it was pouring cats and dogs.

We ran all the way to the bus stop to get a bus to the city (which was our next destination). I quickly learnt how much walking i would have to endure in the next few days.

Alia, being so used to it, would say something (in this case the bus stop) is around the corner, when it's actuality, up a giant hill, across field, three traffic lights and a corner.

Did i mention it was raining? -_-

...To be continued.


Alia said...

Don't forget the bird poop!! :P

Ayeshadam said...

I didn't!!! :D nnt mlm ni i update lagi. yey.

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