Wednesday, May 18


pls. make. it. stop.

Who knew getting knocked up is an awesome way to lose weight!

So far i've lost 5kg's, from all the nausea and morning ALL-DAY-LONG sickness. But fret not, my Dr said it's a normal thing to loose weight in the first trimester, followed by the giant weight gain in the second. Erk.

I'm expected to put on an extra 12kg's during the later stages of pregnancy. Basically i will be the size of a small hippo. :(

A mother's sacrifice i guess.

Right now, i feel horrible, i can't eat anything. Either i order something, and can only eat half or i am finally able to finish a meal, and it all comes back out. Gross.

On the bright side, my lovely sister-in-law Dona (muuzi's brothers wife), had her baby boy in Jakarta yesterday. :)

So kinda shows me all this is worth so much in the end.

Meet me and muuzi's new little nephew, Mr Muhammad Dalmar Latif bin Taqiuddin

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