Sunday, May 30

25 things on my 25th birthday

I was inspired by Tekong's '25' post on his 25th birthday. On my 25th birthday, i decided to compile 25 things most extraordinary facts/ accomplishments/ failures/ things in MY life.

Here goes.... (in random order)

In the last 25 years, i....
  1. Been to 5 different schools.. 4 of those were SRK's. Yeah we moved a lot.
  2. Was a tomboy till the age of 11, i used to bully boys, and refuse to wear skirts, that ended when i discovered Nick Carter. ^_^
  3. was the school mascot of 2002...... i was a white cat, after which all my juniors refered to me as akak kucing.
  4. had a huge crush on the same guy for 5 years of high school... now he's gay.
  5. was a tunas puteri, puteri ISLAM, a interactor and a kadet bomba.
  6. still haven't learned to drive. Yet.
  7. once stole a vcd cetak rompak... i figured it was like Robin Hood. Stealing from people who steal from others. Unfortunately the movie was...

    Yes.. i am very ashamed of myself.

  8. was 14 years old when i had my first friends-only-out-of-state roadtrip! Me and my bestfriends made it all the way to Port Dickson and back. Without a scratch... which looking back now, is FREAKIN amazing.
  9. have had a dozen pet cats. Some named Fluffy, Hang Jebat, Bazooka, Tiger, Apache, and Chino.
  10. still think a magical world exist... somewhere.
  11. didn't like my two best friends much when i first met them... goes to show don't judge people before you know them.
  12. once went to Malacca with my girlfriends and just spend the whole night driving around Jonker Street.
  13. am still using a worn down desktop that put me thru college.
  14. never submitted a single Bahasa Malaysia/ Agama homework assignment thruout my entire years high school. Hence why these two are my worst subjects.
  15. was so lazy in school, the teachers eventually gave up on me.
  16. spent so many broken hearted night crying over guys who don't mean anything to me now.
  17. Had two hamsters, Anjin-san and Anjin-san Jr. The latter was to replace the first one who died due to mistreatment. -__-!
  18. have learnt there is no such thing as FREE SIZE.
  19. Had the best birthday ever on my 23rd birthday.. i was ditched by my now loser boyfriend, and spent the entire night having revenge fun at loft zouk. Muuzi was only a friend then, but he gave the best birthday present of that year. :)
  20. was super reluctant to start dating Muuzi, because 'i didn't want to ruin the friendship'. It's pretty much ruined now, but i'm glad it is.
  21. do not like swimming with FISHES.
  22. have been abandoned, lied to, cheated on, loved, cherished, slapped, cheated on somemore, beaten, chased, stalked, and proposed to....
  23. am no longer terrified of DOGS.
  24. Have had a Gazillion Crushes, 6 Major Crushes, 4 almost boyfriends, 4 actual Boyfriends, and 1 fiancé ^_^
  25. have Lived.
Bring on the next 25!


Cik Qemm said...

suke fact number 8 :D

Ayeshadam said...

Ye ah tuh! i nak cari gambar the trip and upload nnt. :D Nantikan lah.

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