Thursday, May 27

List of Furniture i/we need....

The wedding is just the beginning of a long and happy MARRIAGE..

And since Muuzi is gonna move in with me (+ mama + alia + jaja) and i've been thinking and writing up a list of things i think i need to make this house A HOME...
  1. Super comfy Sofas (For TV nights in with the family!

  2. Awesome Carpets
  3. a new Vacuum Cleaner (for cleaning the Awesome carpets)

    Haha.. baru la suri rumah yang berjaya... tak?

  4. a new Washing Machine (the old one is about give way and commit suicide)
  5. Rak Kasut (x2) for OUR enormous Shoe Collection.

  6. A Xbox (hehe... what? it's my list. Suka la. :P)
Disclaimer: I'm not asking anyone to buy/give me these things.. just writing it out makes it easier for me to plan stuff.

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