Sunday, May 30


Other than the typical.. shit-im-frickin-old feeling.. i also woke up with a feeling of awesomeness that cannot be denied!

Last night was so unexpected.

I had spent the whole of Saturday following Alia and Ezani around.. because Muuzi was too busy to see me, Mashi was working, Mama was at Devi's, and Jaja.. well she was not available.

Feeling like a third wheel on Alia and Ezani, i just followed them do errands and attempt to look for jeans for Ezani.

Then at the end of the trip around 8-ish Alia took pity upon me and said she would belanja me TGIF.. with the promise that she would tell no one it's my birthday, so the TGIF people wont embarress me with their happy sing-song ways.

We got to the TGIF in OU.. and to my surprise.. i saw Azlee there next to Muuzi, next to Jaja, and Mashi... and a whole bunch of other people...

It was a surprise party.

Hence how SURPRISED i was.. that Muuzi could pull something like this off. (he's not very discreet.. and usually can't hide something from me to save his life)

We had a great dinner with a bunch of friends and some of my family. :)

Then Muuzi gave me my present...

Truly a camera for camwhores. (eventho i'm a retired camwhore)
I still have the best boyfriend EVER!!!

and my second present was from my new little brother Iffat and his girlfriend Rina. It was a New Moon Mug. Now i can have milo with Rpat'z face on it! I have the best little Brother!

Thanks so much to everyone who made that day special... Alia, Ezani, Muuzi, Mashi, Jaja, my two new brothers Taq and Iffat, Azlee, Izhan, and Arul!!

And special thanks to Mama, Alia, and Ezani for the lasagna Party the night before!

Oh yea... they lied btw. They did tell the TGIF people it was my birthday. Hence complete and utter embarresment Urgh.

Watch it here on Mashi's Facebook.

More pics later when i have time to upload pics from the NEW camera ^_^

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