Saturday, May 31


23 and a counting!!!

I had tried to convince everyone to call it my 20th birthday part 3, but nobody was buying it.

so, what the hell. HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

First off i wanna thank EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- The people who sent me birthday wishes from all over! including Australia, Usa, Cyberjaya and even Melaka. :) Not to mention my awesome myspacers and facebook pals!

- Mr Leon, who tapau'd me secret recipe during my work hours. ^_^

- to Me Maman, for giving birth to me 23years ago. :P And oso 4 blanja-ing me to watch Granpa INDIANA JONES.

- Kak Sophia for indulging me on a two day shopping spree to find the right bday suit :P

- Darth Vader, who sent me cake money. Which he would be proud to know that it was put into good use. TQ TQ TQ TQ!! It really lifted a big burden i've been carrying. :)

- My Cititel peeps who were awesome enuff to celebrate an impromtu Bday party for me in Bar Celona, Sunway thursday night ^__^ *Kejadian2 pada malam itu tak akan dilupakan dan tidak akan disebut*

- MY TWO BESTEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!! Mashi and Jaja for sharing my special day with me!!! Owh and getting me the HOTTEST birthday present EVER!!! *Gay and Straight guy approved.* Hell Yeah!!

Owh and extra props to Jaja for taking a 5 hour bus from penang for me ^_^

OK FINE! Mashi gets props too for dedicating a entire BLOG POST FOR ME! Walaupun dia letak banyak gambar kelakar. -__- But i guess thats y i love her! :D

- WanDaBomb and the Bayu clan who came down to loft on fri to celebrate my birthday!

- EVERYONE (including people i dont know :P) AT LOFT who sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!!!!! *Gah!! agak Memalukan tp BEST GILA BABI!!*

- and not forgetting Mr Mooky who is the SWEETEST GUY EVER!! who got me these adorable candystripe mary janes. ^_^ Hey! when a dude goes shoe shopping for me, You gotta give him serious props!! ^_^

- My darling family who celebrated my birthday *Melawati Style* with lotsa food and lotsa family... and lotsa lotsa pizza.

Pendek kata... It was the BESTEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!

The only thing missing is my darling baby sister. Huhu. :(

Anyway, Now im kinda looking forward to next year's bday.... but then again, that'll only mean i'll have to get older. Drats!


Rashid said...

For your birthday present, I shall declare that, for now, you are not fat :)

P.S: My birthday was on the 8th of May and it broke my heart that you didn't wish me at all (cue in the melodramatic tears)

Alia said...

Weeee Happy Birthday!!
Sounds like an awesome awesome awesome celebration! Wish I was there to see you blush like rambutan when people were singing to you in Loft. Hahahaha! But it's okay, there'll be other years, hopefully :D

Love you!!
Your darling baby sister xoxo

Ayeshadam said...

Auwhhhh... thx rashid :D

but u dont have to lie just because its my bday. :P


I know i missed a lot of birthdays cuz dah berzaman tak update friendster or rakan2 nye.

Alia: Definately :D :D Next year we celebrate BIGGER :D :D Like org gilas :D hahaha

AddamBlack said...

happy belated aye and rashid.
and one more thing, mana nama didie in ur entry?

AddamBlack said...

happy belated aye and rashid.
and one more thing, mana nama didie in ur entry?

Nomia said...

hehehe im glad that u ar having so much fun!! weeee!!~~

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