Sunday, October 21

Project Me Me Me.

Ever since i've started working again, ive decided to be kind to myself and start rewarding myself from time to time. I've also decided to put some serious effort into my appearance, because lets face it. i've definitely been too comfortable and i've let myself go. (as you can see in this picture taken below.)
As you can CLEARLY see in this picture
- my hair is dry and gross.

- I'm horrendously overweight... last night i scaled in at a whopping 90kgs.   Woh.
- my skin is dull and pale
- my back hurts all the time
- my bones are creaky (ok, this cannot see, but im telling you)
- as you can see, my neck is slowly vanishing as my chin expands. Not acceptable.
- and somehow i feel like my teeth have moved and my gums are receding, making my more 'jongang' than i previously was.

And to be fair, most of these are due to poor maintenance of myself after giving birth
ie: not drinking enuff milk. hence the creaky bones and the receeding gums due to an iron defiency i had during my pregnancy
my gym membership has been on hold for the past few months, so this November its going to be reactivated. And i will have no excuse but to go and get fit! 

I've been slowly paying more attention my skin and hair, more conditioning, using moisturizer before i sleep, those kind of things. However i found this GNC Hair, Skin & Nails Formula Supplement... does anyone know if it works? I was thinking of trying it out and see if it works. I've read mostly positive reviews so far.

I also recently had a haircut with bangs, which helped frame my face back a bit... so it doesn't look as huge as it did in the above photo.

As for my teeth, it's pretty obvious the solution is 'GO TO THE DENTIST'. But i'm stubborn and maybe i tiny bit afraid.. Which is so embarrassing as i am a grown woman.

Haih, no worries. Slowly but surely, i am going to fix all these things about myself, and hopefully be the happier, and no doubt hotter wife and mother. :)

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