Tuesday, October 23

Wardrobe suicide.

Argh i am having the worst luck lately.

two of my bags and a pair of my favourite flats have committed suicide. My flats practically broke in half (still wondering how thats possible) and my bags seem to have developed this condition where all the leather/pvc bits have started to peel. both at the same time.

My fave Charles and Keith bag.
gross. -_-

i wonder what is triggering this effect. is my shoulder made of acid? i really have no clue.
now i have to add buy flats, and new bag on my list of this months to-do list.

my problem is im really cheap, and i dont really like buying flats. somehow i always end up buying a pair of fancy heels instead.

i wear flats because its comfortable, and its safer to carry mahdi around if im not worried about tripping over myself.

but i much rather spend my money on something i genuinely like. furthermore, i find flats to be slightly more expensive than heels somehow. which is somewhat weird to me.

I mean, honestly which would you pick?

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