Monday, October 8

My Gymboree Experience.

Mahdi and me went to check out Gymboree last weekend.

I signed up for a free class via their website, made an appointment and invited Nana and her son Danish to come with us.

The class was ok, truthfully, i was more interested in seeing how Mahdi would react being around kids his own age than actually joining the classes fulltime, i was skeptical that the classes would be any good.

So the class began, it was ok la... lots of singing, dancing and movements with the baby, clapping but honestly, we do this kind of stuff at home for free with My mom. Then came the obstacle courses, where the babies had to pick up balls, and put them in a basket, then pass the ball to and from each other.... of course Mahdi had no problem with these because we do it all the time at home as well.

During the crawling exercise the 'teacher' made Mahdi and Danish do some harder stuff because they were more advanced than most of the babies, crawling up hills and stuff. This was the only part of the class i actually enjoyed, because i wouldn't have known he could do that if i hadn't come to this class.

Our handsome little men. :)
Because he usually spends most of his time with adults it was fun to see him interacting with babies his own age. Roughly 40 mins into the class, it ended. Then they REAL fun began.

Both me and Nana were given a salesgirl each, and they pitched us to join the program... 36 classes for RM2500+, Plus membership fees RM300+ all to be paid upfront. Obviously this is a BIG decision, since it involves thousands of ringgit. So i told the girl i'd think about it, and discuss it with Muuzi. She agreed and started hassling me for a RM150 deposit 'to hold the spot' for Mahdi, because they are incredibly full.

I declined, and said i'd take my chances.. and come back once we had made a decision. Then she gave me a survey to fill and then left...

As i was filling up the survey, the store manager (this lady apparently manages all three gymboree stores) came up to me and started pitching me all over again. I told her that i had to discuss it with Muuzi first, but she kept insisting that i put down a deposit. I finally resorted into saying even if i wanted to, i didnt have rm150 cash on me at the moment... then this lady, practically pressured me into showing her the contents of my wallet.

I should have left there and then, honestly. But im a sucker for avoiding confrontation, and she was really bullish about it. So i checked my wallet and told her i had about rm50+... she said she would hold my rm50 till i make a decision, then i can come back with my receipt and get my money back.

So for the sake of getting the hell out of there, i gave her the rm50. Grabbed Mahdi and ran out of there as fast as i could.

Anyway, i got home, then told Muuzi about the class, he was interested in joining... until i told him how much it cost. RM2800+ to sing and play with bubbles?! No way. So i called Gymboree and told them i'm not joining, and i want to come by and get my deposit back. Then they said, sorry. No Refunds.


They said, i could redeem my RM50 and join another class.. but 1 class is RM68 in value, so i'd have to top up RM18.


Tuhan saja yang tahu kemarahan pada saat itu.

I mean, it's a great program, but why so hardsell? Honestly, if your program is good... then people will join. Why do you need to strong arm people into peeling open their wallets???

Don't give out 'FREE' classes then expect deposits there and then.

Of course my family says its my fault, for giving her the money in the first place. Maybe it is... but i definitely feel like i was robbed and cheated, and i am NEVER EVER EVER going there again. It's ok, we'll survive without. Thanks.

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