Friday, April 6

Family Outing

We had so much fun today..

Had lunch at The Curve with the extended family...

Mama and Mahdi boy.
Uncle Iffat taking turns with gf, babysitting mahdi and dalmar.

Cousins for life!! Dalmar Latif and lil Mahdi Latif

Dalmar drives his big boy car.
After lunch and some light window shopping, Muuzi decided to get a haircut at Peekaboo. I LOVE his new look. I've never seen him with a buzz cut...

Mr Muuzi's new do'

Anyway, the reason for the new look is to signify a CHANGE in our lives, where we are taking responsibility towards our lives and health... we both have decided to be more active and eat healthier, for Mahdi's sake. :)

But diet starts tomorrow, so today, we had BURGER BAKAR KAW KAW Ampang for dinner..

Pic taken from Sarah's instagram.... Her picture was way better than mine. :P

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