Tuesday, March 20

What is love?

Being a mother has taught me a lot about life, and watching someone grow in front of my eyes makes me put a lot of things in perspective.

Whenever mahdi looks at me, with this adoring look on his face.... i can't help but feel like he's telling me that he loves me.

It's uncomplicated love.... then it got me thinking, why is it so hard for some people to find love, when we are basically born with it.

Mahdi didn't have to learn to love me.. but he does so, regardless of my flaws.

So what is love?

I think love, is basically having someone you need more than anything else.

Its not based on personality, and superficial reasons... because my baby taught me that he doesn't need toys to be happy.

He's happy enough just having us talk to him, and cuddle him. Cuz he needs me... therefore he 'loves' me.

I feel the same way about all the other people i love... my family, Muuzi and my friends.

Muuzi, for example... i couldn't imagine my life now without him. I need him in my life, therefore i love him.

so, Basically, falling in love... is realizing that you 'need' that person in your life.

Hence why, you feel helpless when someone you love/need isn't available.

So when you find someone that 'needs' you, and you find that you 'need' them too.... never let them down. :)

The two people i need the most. :)

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