Monday, March 19

The big 3-0!!!

Muuzi turns 30 today!! 

He's told me about how we'd spend his 30th, ever since we were just friends back in 2006..... he said he'd have a kickass party, with music, lotsa people, in a cool club, and we'd all party the night away.

As it turns out, he's spending it in bed cuz he has the flu... the only music playing is the sound of a 2 month old baby screaming, and i don't think we are leaving this house anytime soon to go to a club. :P

 I did attempt to get a party together for last night (sunday), it wasn't a crazy club party, but a nice dinner with lots of friends would have still been better than nothing... But unfortunately, Muuzi had a wedding to go to tonight... so that plan had to be scrapped..

In the end, we just had a family lunch, and at a last minute got the boys and mashi to come... since most everyone else was still K-Oed from attending the Future Music Festival Asia the night before.

Mahdi's all ready to celebrate ayah's bday!

Muuzi and the boys playing 'Draw Something'.

We had lunch at The Bee in PUBLIKA solaris dutamas, and had some delicious burgers and Malteser Chocolate cake that i got from Raindough (i simple love their homemade cakes!) for dessert...

Malteser Chocolate cake!! Super yummeh!!!

After makan, we decided to take a stroll in the mall, because none of us had ever been there before... honestly, other than the graffiti art and all the hipster crap, the mall sucks. Boo.
Bday man and his son.

The Mooky's :)

Mundzir, I know you don't really read my blog.... but i'm so glad you are in my life. Looking forward to the next 30++ birthdays that we'd celebrate together as a family. :)

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