Wednesday, February 1

1 month into 2012...

What... It's february already?? Where does the time go?

My baby boy is getting so big now... It's unbelievable. I'm going to be biased and say he's the best baby in the world..

In all the hoopla of the delivery, pantang and adapting to motherhood.. I realized tht i never made a list of my New Year resolutions.

Here goes.. My 2012 New Years resolution!
- Lose the pregnancy weight...
- go to the freakin gym that u've been paying for blindly for the last year.
- Cook at home more...
- Learn masakan melayu
- Learn to bake!
- Be an awesome mom
- Refresh on photography skills
- Be there for your friends.
- Be a better wife.
- Be a happier person in general.. ( Muuzi says i frown a lot.. and i always look unhappy, which is something he says Mahdi gets from me... This must change.)
- Do more vector work..
- Start concentrating on freelancing and writing for
- Travel more Or at least try.
- stop dressing like a hipster teenager.. And realize u are a 27 year old mother this year and should start acting and dressing like an adult (about time too)

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