Sunday, February 5

The Dunstan Baby Language...

A few days ago Nana sent me this link of this video of the Oprah Show...
and it FREAKING CHANGED MY LIFE.. (i miss Oprah.. huhu)

If you are a new mother... or even a caring aunt. WATCH THIS.

Isn't it MINDBLASTING!! But i bet you are wondering if it actually works... and i swear, it really does!

I've always noticed Mahdi making the 'Neh' sound... but i heard it more like 'Mek', i remember calling him my little kambing, cuz he would go Mekkk, mekkk... but know i figured out when he makes that sound, he's HUNGRY!

After watching the video.. he woke up, and made the 'Neh' sound again. Before even he could start screaming it.. i quickly fed him, then after he was full he looked up at me and gave me the biggest toothless smile (omg i melt!). like he was saying 'thanks mama.. you rock!'. hehe

I've also noticed the 'Owh' cry... and we usually just rock him for a bit and he'll fall asleep instantly.
I'm so excited about learning this system that i went and got the actual DVD.

Seriously speaking, i rarely hear him cry anymore... except when i leave him in his room and he wakes up alone. But other than that, i think he's becoming a calmer, happier baby for sure!.

And he's all smiles now!! (again.. I MELT!!

If you know somebody who just had a baby, give them this video... you'll be doing them such a favor!

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