Friday, December 31

2011 resolutions.

2010 was a tough year, financially, emotionally, psychically, socially.

Basically 2010 sucked.

Sure, we got married this year, but adapting as a newly married couple was tough at first.

But we learned A LOT from each other, he learned to be more thrifty with his money, and i learned that some arguments are not worth having (there's always a bigger picture).

This year i made a lot of new friends, but also lost a friend who is so dear to my heart. Getting married really shows you who your real friends are, now that you are not that cool-party-girl anymore. Some might bail on you, and find 'cooler' more happening friends, but the ones that are still there are the once you will keep for life. :)

Typical with my attitude towards blogging in 2010, i failed to write up new year resolutions, which is probably why 2010 was such a sucky year.

So this year, i'm not making the same mistakes!
I present to you my 2011 Resolutions!!

On the EVE of 2011 i pledge to..
  • to loose weight. Seriously, this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING i must accomplish on the LIST! I cannot STRESS on how freaking important this is!!
  • I must start a proper fitness regime & learn to eat right.
  • Must blog more often.
  • Must go back to melawati/tropicana more often. Not only once a month. Being at this stage in life you realize how important family is.
  • to be featured on a magazine.
  • Get an Iphone.. or a blackberry, I can never make up my mind about this. :P
  • Become an Art Director.
  • Vector more!
  • To Travel MORE!!!!!
  • Be a better wife, daughter, sister, cucu, friend.
  • Work on pizzza magazine more!
  • Go out with friends more!!
  • Go to at least 1 tweetup, blogger, visionmsia (deviantart) event this year.
  • get my portfolio up and running.
  • not tweet/fb with anger or under the influence.
  • find ehsan a girlfriend. like seriously. or at least lepak with him more often.
  • be nicer to ezani, since he's gonna be my brother in law reeeeaaalllllyyy  soon.
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cahya indah said...

happy new year to u ;)

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