Tuesday, January 4

Diet or Die.

It is becoming quite obvious to everyone (especially relatives) that i have gained an immense amount of weight. I tried doing something about it, but nothing ever stuck.

Partly because im lazy to follow thru, partly because my family loves to eat and plus my will power is very little. My weight has been increasing gradually due to my stint in MMU earlier this year, then followed by the stress of planning my wedding, the joyous food of the honeymoon, and just the day to day habits.

In this new year me and the family have decided that we need a drastic change in eating habits so we decided to start the Dukan Diet. It's been only 2 days, but everything looks great so far. Hopefully i'll get back to my oldself soon.

Hoping for the best. :) Wish me Luck!

late 2010                                        early 2009

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