Thursday, January 1


Amazingly, in the year of 2008 i had no resolutions to be resolved.

Well, except this one.

And eventho in 2007 most of my resolutions failed as well. :P

I'm still gonna make my 2009 NEW YEAR RESOLUTION CHECKLIST!!

I'm feeling very optimistic this year. :P So here goes~

1_I must exercise more and stop making excuses. Must loose weight this year. Getting OLDER is inevitable, getting FATTER is not an option.


3_Must blog more often. Heh~

4_Stop buying clothes you never wear, AYESHA ADAM!! That goes double for SHOES yo!


6_Do more Vexels & Vectors! Be active on your DYING DEVIANTART account!


8_Be a supportive, understanding and loving significant other to a special man who deserves you.

9_remove all jerks out of my life. Unnecessary drama isn't needed this year.. or any year.

10_be nicer to my loved ones and be nicer to people in general.

11_Keep in contact with your sister and family members more, Not only once a month.

12_Stop whoring out your Myspace and Facebook Accounts.
I think i'm too old for this crap. However i did meet some very nice, interesting, fun, cool people thru these mediums. :) So kudo's to them!

13_find Ehsan a girlfriend. While im at it, maybe one for Rashid as well.. Woah! talk about challenges! :P

14_Be more out going. Go out more, make more memories, LIVE LIFE more!

15_Be there for your 'real' friends, and ditch those who won't be there for you.

Have a GREAT 2009!


Rfq said...

hey hey good luck for fulfilling your new resolutions. ;]

Ayeshadam said...

Thanks! :)

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