Friday, December 31

Special Recap: 2010 Weddings!!!

No one can doubt that 2010, has been the year of WEDDINGS.

This whole year we practically had a wedding every weekend/month/public holiday to attend. Including my own *coughcough*

Here's a photo medley of all the weddings 2010!! Including ours, at the very end. ^_^

Caution. Post consist a lot of pictures!

It started with
- Sarah and Winder (1.1.2010)

Ashley and Brian

(brother in-law) Taq and Donna

Mooky's friend (forgot his name)

(mydarlingangel) Nana and Zaki

Foza and Jafni
ps: i do realise rambut saya tersgt oren pada masa ini

Muuzi and Me

Weddings that were held but we didn't take pictures/attend:
Din and Grace, Hanan and Suraya, Dina Safitri's, Baie's, Syawaliah's, Hanif's, Fais's sister, Abg Shafiq's, Tekongs, Daryl's (apparently his reception will only be held next year.), Marion and Nasa, Muiz and Shana's.

Sadly, there are many many more, but due to my laziness in blogging, and my bad memory i forgot who else i had on the list. See this is why i blog, so i don't forget stuff. Urgh.

Spread the love people.

Wish all of you all the happiness  in your new life. :)

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