Wednesday, February 11

Photo Updates.

Being the lazy weak ass excuse for a blogger that i am, i've been avoiding doing any photopost for awhile now.

As the start of this NEW SEMESTER i vow to be more RAJIN and stop procrastinating.

  • My highschool Class Reunion.

    Ahli2 yang hadir tidak ramai, tapi tetap kool hehe!
    from left - P'qok, Yan, Me, Farid, Gjan and Kocha

    Yang paling kool skali yang pakai baju bintang2 tu.

    Skian. ^_^
  • CNY kelah-kelah di Ulu Yam.
    LaChinese New Year, Me and the boys went to Ulu Yam.

  • NITRUS@zoom IN!!

  • 3 Weeks of Alif & Ultraman.

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