Monday, February 9


The Sister is returns in


Im not gonna be a ALONE anymore. I'll have a sister to be err.. not alone with! Yaaay!!!

Can hardly wait. :)

Anyways, I had a good weekend.

On Friday, went to BARSONIC with the girls was a uneventful night... almost. :P Some people got a little carried away, and i was a bit irritated cuz there were so many posey people there. Haih.

On Saturday, Me, Muuzi and some other people went to Megat Johan's birthday party at PHUTURE. Im not even gonna complain about how packed it was, or how rude the bouncers were, peh. I dunno why i keep being dragged to Zouk when clearly Zouk sucks so much ass. Habits are hard to break i guess. Haih.

Sunday is as usual, Hari Malas sedunia. I woke up at 3pm (dah lama tak buat perangai begini huhu!) !! Muuzi was supposed to go to Thailand with his boss for work, but it got cancelled (Yay!!). So we went for Burger King at Mutiara Damansara and met up with Mashi Jaja, and ended up buying some dvd's and just chillin' at home.

Funny Story about the DVD's but i promised 'someone' i wouldn't tell. :P

WE ( as in Me, Mashi, Jaja, Muuzi, Max, Syed, Azlee and Izhan) originally wanted to have a picnic today, but the weather looked kinda dodgy so instead WE made the trip to Omar&Wifes house for free Nasi Ayam and a game Frisbee!!


My aim was really bad most of the time... i really don't have any hand-eye coordination. hehe. so i ended up just taking pictures and videotaping funny people. :P

Then went back to tropicana for naps & PS3 and later headed back here to Cyberjaya.

Got class tomorrow. Better get some shut eye. ^_^

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