Saturday, August 11

Shit just got real.

Reading about heartless people dumping babies really breaks my heart.

How could anyone do that to something so beautiful.

Even so after carrying the baby a full 9 months and delivering it, how could they do that after feeling the baby's heart beating and move inside them? I cannot fathom it....

And it's not just the unforgivable act...but the surprising large amount of cases that happen in this country...

Taken from the STAR:

PETALING JAYA: There has been a spike in the number of baby-dumping incidences since 2010.
After dropping from 102 cases in 2008 to 79 in 2009, the figure increased to 91 and 98 in 2010 and 2011 respectively.
So far this year, 31 cases were reported, Women, Family and Community Development Ministry deputy secretary-general Harjeet Singh said. He said the increasing numbers could be due to more reports being made and society becoming aware of the scourge.
He said feedback from counselling sessions and case studies at several shelter homes for those aged under 18 listed peer pressure and lack of knowledge about reproductive health as the two most important factors that led to unwanted pregnancies.
Delivering the message: Students looking at posters of the ‘Say No to Baby Dumping’ seminar in Sunway.
“The desire to fit in influenced many teenagers into adopting the lifestyle of their peers,” he said after launching a “Say No to Baby Dumping” seminar here.
Harjeet said teenagers mixed freely with little parental supervision these days.
“Sometimes, the in-thing among them is to go to parties or have intimate relationships with their partners,” he said, adding that many of the young were not educated on how to avoid getting into such situations.
Syarhah Mohamed Tahir, a project administrator at OrphanCARE, said some underage teens were coaxed into having intimate relationships while others believed that their partners were truly in love with them.
OrphanCARE is an NGO that was started in 2008 to help expedite the adoption process for abandoned babies and children in orphanages. Consultant clinical psychologist Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon said it was more important for teenagers to be taught skills to deal with unwanted pregnancies.
“If it happens, they should be taught how to manage it. An unwanted pregnancy is not the end of the world,” he said.
A few issues i have with this, firstly, preaching about abstinence and teaching children about safe sex is all good and dandy, but somehow i feel that it's a little unrealistic. What we need is emphasis that the crime isn't getting pregnant, but the killing of the innocent baby.
Other than that, i feel (i'm going to get into a lot of trouble for this.. but screw it), I FEEL, that government hospitals/clinics should allow for abortions. I know, it's terrible of me to think that. But, as long as the fetus, is not yet a baby, and after evaluating all other options (adoption and such), deeming that the mother, is unfit and not ready to have a child, she should be allowed to have an abortion. IF, she is over 18, regardless of her religion, she should be able to do so, without parental consent.
The problem in this country is FEAR.
FEAR, that people are going to find out.
FEAR, that my parents will scold me.
FEAR, that no one will want to marry me now.
Everyone is so afraid, but unfortunately no one is afraid enough of god. Because if they were, they wouldn't have had premarital sex in the first place, they are more afraid of 'what people think' that they don't want to deliver the baby in a hospital where people would judge them, but rather deliver alone in a dumpster.
Takut, of all the things that don't matter.
These CHILDREN matter.

They are unwanted by their parents, but they could have been
adopted by a family who would have loved them.

These women should be caught and charged with murder, and put in jail forever.. I don't care how young/naive they are. They obviously have no respect for life. 

Nuff said.

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Unknown said...

What is the difference between abortion and murdering of newborn babies? preach anything you like, bear in mind abortion isn't fun nor painless, it endangers the mother's life and there is possibility of her not able to get pregnant in future. buy a condom, it's cheap and easily obtained at 7-11!

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