Wednesday, July 18

Aye + Mashi in Jakarta: Day 3

Last day in Jakarta was so chilled and relaxing, had a great breakfast...

Best Breakfast.... ever!!


The breakfast selection at the hotel was so devine!! Me and mashi ate sooo much, we probably sat at the buffet for a full hour. There was strawberry, guava and orange juices, cereal, an omelette station, local and western foods, japanese udon and miso, fresh pastries, platters of crackers and cheese and LOADS of fruits and salads.

There was this particular fresh tomato stuffed with chicken and cheese that i loved (in the picture above)!
I ate like 3 of those. (unashamed). After lunch we chilled by the pool until it was almost time to check out.

Swimming pool
Jakarta: View.

Rest and Relaxed

After we checked out, we went to the spa Michika, in Kelapa Gading. I'd like to tell you what happen at the spa, but i think some things are better left untold. :)
Just know that it was horrifying, and that me and mashi never want to see what we saw, EVER again.

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