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Selamat Hari Raya!!

Selamat Hari Raya folks, did you notice we are in the papers!?

Might not be a big deal to Muuzi, but it was terribly exciting for me and Mahdi. Ok, maybe Mahdi doesn't really know what is happening. But I was SUPER EXCITED for the both of us! haha. Of course this isn't Mahdi's first newpaper appearance, remember the Drypers Pool Party?

Check it out. :)
Mundzir Abdul Latif, or Mooky as he is popularly known, is the 30-year-old frontman of award-winning local rock band One Buck Short and while he certainly rocks on stage, he is quite the soft-spoken musician in real life. This year, he celebrates Hari Raya with his wife Ayesha Frances Adam, 27, and with their beautiful eight-month-old son Muhammad Mahdi, at Mooky’s hometown in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
What’s your best childhood memory of Hari Raya?
It would be when my grandparents (on my father’s side) were still around. I would be around nine to 10 years old then. Celebrating Raya then was so much fun as all the family members would return to the “kampung” and congregate at my grandparents’ house including my cousins and extended cousins as well.
What preparations do you make for Hari Raya?
Our Raya preparations have changed drastically with the arrival of our baby. This year is we celebrate Raya at my hometown so I’m really excited to meet my aunties, uncles and cousins and catch up with them. We didn’t take much time to do the preparations, we’re pretty much done with our baju raya. Mine is black while our son has a little white jubah(robe) which my mother got in Saudi Arabia (where my parents are currently based). Ayesha has a bright blue baju she bought in Jakarta, Indonesia, during our recent trip to visit my brother who resides there. So no, we don’t have any colour coordination this year!
What is your favourite Hari Raya dish/kuih?
A special rendang made by my late grandmother. Fortunately, my aunty in my hometwon is continuing with the tradition so I’m really excited to taste it this Raya. I don’t have any particular favourite kuih for Raya, butkaripap (curry puff) is my all-time favourite.
What are you currently working on?
Right now we are busy organising Rockaway 2012 (one of the biggest rock festivals in Malaysia this year). The last one we did was Rockaway 2009. Other than that, the band has just released a Bahasa Malaysia album called Kampung Glam, and there’s a new video, too. My bandmates and I are also working on our English album that we plan to release next year.
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Thanks to The Star and Melody Goh for the spread! ;)

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