Saturday, March 17

Drypers pool party

 Oh we had so much fun today!

We were invited to the Drypers Pool party at The Club, Bukit Utama... That place is like a tiny theme park for kids... so fun! There was lots of food, games and swimming!

We brought Mahdi into the swimming pool for the first time. It was so funny.

Because the event started at 8.30am, which normally for us, is still considered sleep time. Mahdi was still feeling sleepy, and so while he taking a ride in the little float, he was falling asleep..

After about 10 minutes, we took him out and used Muuzi's natural hotness to warm him up, where he continued to sleep for the next hour of the event... :P FAIL.

Warm and toasty in ayah's arms.

Fortunately, mahdi later woke up... just in time for the games. One game was particularly funny, cuz a parent had to pakaikan the bibs on the baby... It was kinda unfair cuz all the other babies could sit up, and mahdi was the youngest one and was lying down. :P

Muuzi trying to figure out how its done
Almost there!!

We did pretty well, he almost got third place.. hehe lambat sikit je. So proud of you two! Still we didn't go back empty handed. Look at all our goodies! Yay.

Oh, forgot to mention bro in law Taq and family was there too.. tp dtg lambat. :P

All in all, it was a super fun day.... although, when we got home, we had a well deserved afternoon nap. :) Too much excitement for one day, i think. :P

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