Monday, April 23

To wean or not to wean?

I'm honestly confused with all these 'guidelines' on weaning*

I've read that babies tend to wean around 4 months, because they start to teeth and are hungrier.

Then there was a bunch of 'signs' that you are supposed to look for, such as, hunger even after being fed, tongue reflex, chewing motions, interest in adult foods, and so on.

But then, i find an article like this, who tells me that the above is ALL WRONG, and you are supposed to wait 6 months before weaning.

Even the bottle says 'FROM 4 months' but has a disclaimer which says we are not
allowed to feed it to babies under 6 months... so weird.

Im so confused, I'm just going to ask my Dr. when i go see her for Mahdi's Pneomococcal shot.

(*weaning: giving the baby 'solid' foods.)

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