Sunday, April 22

Sunday baking project

I've always wanted to bake.

Thats the main reason for me wanting to get an oven in the first place.

Problem is, i don't know how.... so i decided to start with something easy, so easy in fact, like with a box of cake mix and ready made frosting, and see if i can handle that first. Babysteps right?
I used Pillsbury Devil's Food Cake Mix, and BC's Cream Cheese Frosting.

Oh, check out my new handy dandy new food processor i inherited bought from my sister. :D
It's so awesome, can't wait to make baby food purees with it.

Silicon muffin trays!
ps: i found out that silicon tray cooks faster than normal tin trays,
so u gotta keep an eye on it or u'll have burnt cake.

They're not pretty, but gosh they are tasty!


I wanted to do a pretty swirl, but the cream cheese frosting was too runny so it didn't stick, instead melted into a blob of goo.

see. :( but fortunately it was still yummy...

Overall i'm counting it as a success. 

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