Monday, April 30


Baby boy is 4 months tomorrow!

Here's a few things you should know about Mahdi. 

He likes to wear hats (even though Tok Mama hates them).. he also loves to play with his rattle.

He has started eating solids, but doesn't like apple sauce, it's too sour. 

He loves to go out, and shop! But then again, this could be my fave thing... :P

Mahdi also like to read.... and eat books. :))

His BFF, is a Mr Bean Teddy that his Ayah bought him.

He loves to cuddle with his blankie.

He also love his aunty awesome.

He usually wakes up with a case of crazy hair.

He and his cousin Dalmar, are going to be best buds. But for now, he's still to little to play.

He loves to take pictures with his Mak and Ayahanda. :)

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