Friday, March 23


That would probably my Intoxibella name... *rolls eyes*

Is anyone watching Cycle 18 of America's Next Top Model???

 I love watching ANTM, I've watched almost every season... but i feel like Tyra has gone and lost her damn mind. I cannot STAND to listen to her speak anymore... She's making up all this fake words that are now somehow supposed to mean something.

Here's some words Tyra invented and their meanings.
Smize = smiling with your eyes.
Booty Tooch = Sticking out ur butt to make it more pronounced.
HtoT = Head to Toe.
Intoxibella = Super Model.
Fiercely Real = Fat chicks

Now she's trying to spread her crazy into the world by giving the model 'SUPER' names...

Which are soooo ridiculous, my eyes hurt from rolling them too much.

Names like Exotica, 30-Never, Next-Doorsia, Excite-To-Buy, Gam-A-Tronica, Zagilicious and of course Andro-Genia....


I also hate that i'm somewhat intrigued to read Tyra's Modelland book... I'm sure it'll be hidiously stupid, since the main characters name is Tookie De la Creme... it's already enuff for me to want to VOM.

Did anyone read it yet? Let me know how terrible it is... i mean, if i can read Twilight.. i can prolly stomach anything.

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