Wednesday, January 4

The Delivery Story

I had been having these painful but apparently 'mild' contractions for the pass two days.. And as a result i hadn't had a good nights rest since.

I was a bit upset that my due date had passed with no sign of the baby.. So i had gone to sleep early (if u can call waking up every few mins in pain sleep.)

Anyway, i was almost asleep when i felt this searing pain in my abdomen.. Muuzi (who was in the living room) rushed into the bedroom, cuz apparently i had let out a scream of pain in my sleep..

Muuzi decided we should go to the hospital.. Again.

I wasn't too crazy about the idea of being told to go home after another round of poking and proding.. But i figured the hospital would prolly have painkillers that could b useful.

Sidetrack for a bit...
On our way to the hospital i told Muuzi to drive slowly, because i didn't want to rush there only to be told to go home.. So we took a slow drive to Selayang and were just about to turn into a flyover when suddenly, almost like slow motion.. There was this guy on a superbike that fell a few feet from us, his bike did cartwheels in flames in front of our car. While the driver skidded into the divider.. We were both so shocked and wanted to stop, but we had already entered the flyover.. And i was still having painful contractions. Luckily i saw a few cars that were behind us stopped to help the motorcyclist.. I keep thinking if we had been speeding that night, without a doubt, that cartwheeling superbike would have hit us for sure!

We arrived at the hospital about 2am, i was poked and proded as usual, but the suddenly the baby's heartbeat monitor started beeping and all the doctors and nurses started panicking around me... Nobody was telling me why it was beeping, which was annoying.

From the chatter, i realised that i was 4cm dilated and the baby was ready to come out, but the real panic was because they were discussing whether they should call Dr Roslan at 2am to deliver my baby.

Ps: Turns out, Dr Roslan was the head of the entire OBGYN department.. Meaning he was everyones boss.. And they seemed terrified at the thought of waking him up at 2am to tell him the news.

Finally they asked a senior dr (not Dr. Roslan) and decided to burst my water bag and wait for me to dilate somemore before calling Dr. Roslan at a more godly hour.

When my water bag was burst, it was uncomfortable... Hot liquid was streaming down. I started panicking... 'omg this is finally happening!'. The nurses told Muuzi to get my things, cuz we were finally going to the labor room. Muuzi had his calm face on, but i could tell he was freaking out.

We waited in the labor room for a few hours then at 4am a female Dr came in to check on me... Turns out i was still at 4cm so she gave me oxytocin to induce the labor and make dilate faster. I did not know that this meant harder, faster, stronger contractions... At one point the contraction was so painful that i literally wanted to scream out loud.. Muuzi kept me calm and told me to concentrate on my breathing (which helped a lot).

Anyway, that went on for another 4 hours when finally Dr Roslan came to check on me at 8am. I was so relieved to see him, unfortunately he didnt have good news.. I still had not dilated and was still at 4cm. He said i would need to have an emergency C Section immediately.

As soon as we agreed, i was prepped and rolled into the operating room. I was terrified and more so when i found out Muuzi couldnt be there with me.

I considered having a General Anaestetic.. So i wouldnt know what was going on but went with a spinal tap instead. I was shaking, from the fear, the still painful contractions and the fact that i was suddenly naked in a room full of people... Plus it was really cold.

As soon as the anaesteolgist did the tap i was numb from the waist down. The pain from the contractions completely stopped, it was so relaxing that i almost fell asleep. About 30 mins into the procedure i felt this jerking feeling on my abs then i heard Dr Roslan announce that the baby was out using Forceps.. A few seconds later i heard this faint cry of my baby.

Unashamed of it, i got all choked up and started crying as well (discreetly). I was relieved, but at the same time i was overwhelmed. OMG I have a son! I looked around but i couldn't see the baby, which made me want to cry even more. Suddenly the nurse came next to me and showed me this tiny pale little man. He looked at me thru his tiny sepet eyes and i said 'hi mahdi boy' :) (not an ideal story, but soon after that, i threw up... prolly due to fatigue and the fact that my stomach was stil opened on the table..)

I had some complications during the surgery, apparently my uterus did not contract normally so the placenta didn't come out naturally like it should. Dr Roslan had to take it out manually, and i lost a lot of blood... So after everything was done, i had to have 2 pints of blood transfused. Baby boy had a tiny scar on his forehead because of the forceps used.. but Dr. says it will go away by itself.

My labor was a long, painful and some parts were funny... but at the end of it, i got the most amazing little 'bundle of joy'.... But would i want to go thru all that again for another baby?


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