Monday, January 2

Cracked to hell...

I never thought i would ever feel a worse pain than the contractions a had while in labor...

I was wrong. 

Warning TMI:
While trying to get accustomed to breastfeeding Mahdi, i somehow managed to get cracked nipples..

I swear.. it's the most painful thing ever.

Everyone tells you how painful giving birth is, but no one bothers to tell you how you will feel like absolute shit afterwards. It's come to the point when Mahdi cries for milk... i wanna cry too.

It's a real struggle cuz i am adamant on giving Mahdi breastmilk for as long as i can.. but it's only been a few days and i feel hopeless and want to give up already. :(

At least i can go home today... and Alia's buying me some Buds nipple cream thats suppose to help heal them. I really hope it works cuz i'm about to reach my pain limit.

Edit: So far this sort of works for immediate relief... but it's kind of gross cuz you have to let it dry up before putting on a bra. It's not like i have all the time in the world to go around topless, trying to dry out my nipples. So in this case the breastpump was the best cure.

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