Monday, November 14

Mooky and Ayesha's Quackin' Baby Shower!

It's done!!

And soooo much fun, i got too see so many friends that i haven't seen in ages... lotsa friends and family members, lotsa foooood, and LOTS of prezzzzies for my baby boy!!

Warning... LOTS of pictures in this post.

 I am totally obsessed with this cake that i got made from Raindough...
it is simply AWESOME!!

Buffet Line...

Some duckies got loose and went swimming in our blue punch.

The yummeh food... notice the blue and yellow dadih Ezani's mom made for me!

Besties Mashi, Nana (who happens to be 7months pregnant btw!) and Me

My lil cousin Aleesya..

Papa and Mama duck!

Aunty Alia and Me

Aunty Alia and Aunty Leng having duck Cake

Uncle Mac (i mean Tok Mac? hehe)

My GrandMaaaaaa

My Aunties and Uncles

Alia having her second slice of Duck Cake...

Deco by Sarah and Winder of Chenta Weddings... and they set it all up in 15 mins!

Sarah and Winder rock!
Oh baby in this pic was borrowed btw... say hi to Foza's boy, Thaqif!

The pool view

Uncle Iffat, Tukang Masak tak berbayar.

Lanterns!! i've been obsessed with having lanterns since my wedding.. but that didn't happen. so having it now was so satisfying :D

Tok likes Ducky cake too..

None this could have happened with out my Sister, my Bestfriend, My bro-in-law and my Man... I love you all so so so much!! :D

Thanks to EVERYONE for coming, xoxo 
The Daddy and Mommy-to-be :)


theanswer said...

hai aye!
aku sgt x tau kau dah kawin dah nak beranak pon. sgt lame x dgr cerite korg. congrats!


Ayeshadam said...

Haha ye ah tuh.. kawin last year July.

Lama dah. Next month i'm expecting a baby boy. hehe masing2 dah grown up kan? so weird. :P

Ko ape cite?

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