Saturday, November 12

Quack Attack!!!

Got up super early today since i knew i had a million and one things to do today...

Unfortunately, 'some people' did not get the memo and wouldn't wake up... hence leaving me to obsess and plot the day's activities to make up for the time we lost..

First off we had to go to the condo admin office and get the letter of approval to use the poolside area... and eventho we booked it like weeks ago, it still took them almost a hour to give us the papers we needed. So bloody irritating, like i wasn't frantically off schedule already.

After eons of waiting, finally got our paperwork done.. and rushed off to Tesco to buy supplies for Muuzi's famous chicken wings (which i have never tasted before but i hear its yummeh!)... then finally had lunch around 4pm, at which point i was already waddling about like a duck (ironic, but then again expected since i am 8 months pregnant u know..)

But i'm so glad my search for rubber duckies is over! I found these darlings at Tesco and they were only about RM7 perbag. SCORE!

My fave is the little Pirate Ducky n Bow tie Ducky! So cute...

Currently all Muuzi's boys are having a boys night in, just chillin, marinating some chicken, and watch Conan, the barbarian... So i'm gonna turn in and have a good nights rest, so much to do tomorrow!! 

Muuzi and Syed mixing up some chicken... (don't worry, hands are super clean.. ngee) Can't wait to taste it tomorrow at the party.. weeee!

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