Thursday, November 24

Lost and Found..

So we went to the baby doctor this morning, everything looks fine and dandy.... we saw his face clearly for the first time, and i'm pretty sure he'll look a lot like Muuzi... but we have to wait to see if i'm right.

Anyway, after our appointment we had lunch with the boys at Berjaya then Muuzi sent me home before he went back to work..

At home, i finished up some freelance work and spent the rest of the day cleaning up the bookshelves... then i found this cd with all our prewedding pictures on it. Ahhh... memories. :)
I absolutely love our prewedding pictures... mostly because we were relaxed and they were shot in KLPAC (which i love!). Our actual day wedding pictures were a bit more rushed and to think of it i don't even have a picture of myself and muuzi posing by the titiwangsa lake (where we got married) in our pink ensemble.. Boo! :(

Neway, here's some of my absolute FAVE pictures from our prewedding album.

We took this picture seconds before kene halau from the koi park.. :P So rebellious.

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