Wednesday, November 23

We be Dragons pimps!

As a freelance designer/ housewife i find i have A WHOLE LOT of free time...

One might think i would use this time to do productive and mind challenging things... but i choose to use my time and BREED DRAGONS!!! muahahahahaa....

Thanks to Clara for introducing me to this life sucking game that i absolutely LOVE called.... DRAGONVALE.

It's like smurfs/farmville where you grow crops and build things, only more awesome... simply because it has Dragons! I'm addicted to it like crack.... and i've managed to get Azlee, Izhan and Alia hooked on it too... 

A crack addict needs friends right? :P

I'd recommend you to download this FREE game, but i'm afraid it might ruin your life and relationships... so DOWNLOAD it NOW.... at your own risk.

You've been warned. :)

ps: add me ayeshadam at gamecenter and give me gems!!! <--- Gems are virtual crack..

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