Thursday, November 3

All Systems Go!

I LOVE, love, love going to Dr Kamaljit (my baby doctor in bangsar)...

She always eases my fears, and makes me feel like i'm doing a great job incubating my lil baby.

This time around was an especially exciting visit, since we saw the baby had reached the proper position for delivery.. so we can be assured, he's coming any day now!!!

That being said, after being super annoying and obsessing about the baby shower, the 'organizers' have finally decided to let me in on the whole planning phase. I'm so psyched!!!

I've been on overdrive all day... being creative and making the invites, place cards and such...

My biggest and only problem is the darn guestlist, because most of the things we plan to do is much better suited to a smaller crowd of people. Unfortunately, with me and mundzir each having tons of friends and relatives, it'll prove quite a challenge to scale down our guestlist down to 30 people.

And to think we thought we were past this problem when we were doing our wedding guestlist, which from 200 people, became close to 400 guest. huhu..

Sigh, what to do... my future baby is so popular. :P

Wish me LUCK!!

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