Wednesday, November 2

Till the sweat drips down my ballz....

'Skeet skeet skeeeeet '

Never has Lil John's words made so much sense to me before... almost 32 weeks into this pregnancy and i'm starting to feel all it's side effects at one go.

Sleep Deprivation *check*
Constipation *check*
Acid Reflux *check*
Bloating *check*
Swelling *check*
Anxiety *check* *check* and double *check*

and newest and most recent, hormonal gift, along with increased blood flow to the skin and increased metabolism, it makes me sweat like a linebacker...

Urghhhhh... i can't wait for this to be OVER!! Only 8 or according to my Dr might be 6 weeks to go!!!

ps: that still have not made any difference in that stupid room... it's too hot, theres no fan, the boxes are too heavy, i'm so freakin helpless and it's starting to piss me off.

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