Sunday, October 9

Rockin Rockaway weekend...

This weekend was frickin Awesome!!!

Me and Muuzi spent the weekend at Palace of the golden horses, where they hosted the rockaway press conference and all the international acts. The hotel was heavenly, the detailing around the hotel was so intricate and beautiful.. I was totally geeking out about all the little horse statues and carvings..
Love. Love. Love. 

Anyway the reason we were there was so Muuzi could work on Rockaway..

Rockaway itself, was super hectic.. Luckily i managed to get into the press conference to meet The Used in person.. And i got to see them play an acoustic set. Honestly, They are seriously the nicest bunch of guys, and lead singer Bert is one super hilarious dude.

The Used acoustic.. 

OBS boys and The Used..

Even Bert can't resist the Muuzi charm. :P

On Rockaway day, Muuzi had to get up super early to collect One Buck Short's new album.. So i just hung out around the hotel and went swimming..

Alia, Ezani and mama came by and hung out at the hotel with me and had some room service before the concert.. Since Rockaway is a 12 hour festival and i'm insanely pregnant, we didn't do an all day fiesta which i'm used to.. We got to the venue at 8 just in time to see All time low's last two songs..

It was really fun to be out with friends again. It was especially fun to see my Muuzi shine like the rockstar he is.... I kept beaming thinking of how much i am so proud of my baby daddy. :)
All in all.. the night was a blast, not to mention a giant success for OBS and the organizers.. All the acts did an amazing job performing, I especially enjoyed The Used' super stellar performance... i enjoyed every second. Even the wet rainy bits. :)
Great company, Great music + Baby Daddy rocking out like a rockstar = One awesome night.
Proud mama and my super awesome baby daddy. ^_^

Can't wait till next year!!! :D

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