Thursday, October 13

iOS5 updated!! Woot!

Finally, after months of pining over the new iOS update, it's finally here!

Took friggin 4 hours to update my bloody ipod.. Of course they make u update your safari and itunes first before actually downloading the iOS software... Which then takes another hour to download and another few hours to backup, install and update..

Finally now, it's done.. I'm actually writing this post via my ipod, while lying down and listening to the best of Mozart (classical music is good for the unborn.. Seems to be working cuz he's kicking up a storm)

Less than 9 weeks to go til we meet our little man. I'm so excited but i still cringe at the thought of pushing a tiny someone out of my *uknowwhat*..

Speaking of cringe-inducing things.. Have you watched Siti Nurhaliza's new 'Falling in Love' mtv?

It's so beyond bad.. From the purple fedora, with matching trench coat.. To the unorganized flash-mobbing.. Even the location of the shoot (fountain pavillion?? Are u serious? Gila port hipsters lepak) was terrriiiblee!! I get that it's a dance song.. And i get that Dato Siti couldn't make a club scene type videoclip.. but everything about that videoclip was so so wrong! Urgh.

Seriously, go see it and tell me what you think.

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