Thursday, October 27

Happy Deepavali peeps..

I spent today watching movies and gossiping with mama and alia, but then was forced to go swimming, because apparently i don't excersize enuff.. Peh.

Mama made me do laps in the pool.. Something about loosening my pelvic muscles and making it easier for labour.. Blablabla.. It did feel awesome to be in the water tho.. I felt light as a feather. Which is amazing at my current weight of almost 90kgs. I was amazed that my swimsuit still fit.

I usually look forward to public holidays cuz it usually means i get to spend time with Muuzi.. But unfortunately he had work and band rehearsals and more work ( it's now 12.45am and he's still at work.. Boo!)..

He did make it home for dinner with the family, which is one of the perks of us living so near to his office.. :)

We even entertained some guest for dinner.. Muuzi's mom and youngest brother came over, and then Azlee and Izhan dropped by and 'tried' to finish what remained of the food...

I think i might have eaten too much because my tummy feels like its gonna explode.. But honestly, it feels like this most of the time now days.. Even Muuzi was suprised how big my stomach is now. Seems so unnatural, yet feels quite normal. Weird really..

My biggest fear at the moment is Stretch Marks.. So i've been lathering up on lotion and cream like it's going out of fashion.. So far it's working, hopefully it stays that way.

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