Friday, October 28

Check List from Foza

Our friend Fairoza, recently just delivered her little baby boy a few months ago... and was kind enuff to email me a list that by her experience, i would need for this December...

The list is long and extremely anxiety inducing, being how i'm already very panicky about the limited amount of time i have left. Things in Bold are all the things i still have to get within the next few months...

List of things to buy for the baby and mother:

  1. Baby Bottles (at least 4 bottles)
  2. Bottle sterilizer 
  3. Bottle cleaning brush
  4. Breast Pump (TMI, but lets face it.. it's a reality)
  5. Blankets
  6. Baby hooded towels
  7. Cupboard
  8. Baby cot (Uncle Mamat is giving me Aleesya's crib since she refuses to sleep in it anymore..)
  9. Mattress
  10. Pillow
  11. Bedsheets (I have to check but i think Uncle Mamat would have these)
  12. Burp cloths (Bought in medan)
  13. Baju2 baby (not too much cuz the baby grows super fast)
  14. Baby hangers
  15. changing table or changing mats
  16. diaper bag (bought at Mom Care's warehouse sale for RM15)
  17. ps: I absolutely love this bag i got because it isn't TOO frilly and doesn't scream out 'hey look, i'm carrying diapers and lotsa other crap'... which like my previous issue with maternity wear, it's very unfortunate that we already have to wear circus tents, throw in a clown print rainbow color bag and a screaming baby, and we've got a walking side show.
  18. diaper rash cream
  19. baby wipes
  20. minyak telon or baby balm
  21. newborn diapers (My lovely mother in law has taken care of this.)
  22. baby nail clippers
  23. baby shampoo and soap.
  24. baby oil or lotion (for the baby's skin)
  25. baby thermometer (apparently not necessary but it does come in handy at times)
  26. cotton balls (i have millions of these already)
  27. muslins cloths
  28. newborn car seat
  29. stroller
  30. baby carrier
  31. baby monitor
  32. bouncer 
  33. plastic bathtub
  34. nightlight 
There you have it... i think most of them are tiny items i can pick up along the way. But it's worth surveying now i sort of know exactly what i need.
Thx again to Fairoza for this list, It's definitely gonna come in handy.

ps: Oh, btw if u guys have any other suggestions based on your own experiences do let me know and i'll add it to my list. :D>

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