Tuesday, October 25

Style at 31 weeks..

Something that i recently discovered during my pregnancy is that It's so infuriatingly difficult to find decent affordable maternity wear..

Everything is either too makcik, too flowery and frilly, or makes you look like a circus tent.. not to mention it's SO expensive!!

I'm talking about RM125 for a bloody maternity shirt that has no brand.. and looked like it was recently shipped from china. Being the cheapskate that i am... it was incredibly hard for me to find proper/stylish not so frilly maternity wear (in KL).

When i went to Jakarta last July (during my 4th months of pregnancy) with my husband and in laws to visit Dalmar, and Muuzi was intent on getting me some proper maternity wear to ensure i would not go naked for the next few months.. because seriously, at RM150 per top,  i was seriously considering just wearing a burlaps sack until the baby is born.

Lucky for me, we found some really great bargains in the indo equivalent jusco, Matahari... and their inhouse brand called St. Yves mom, honestly i can tell you almost ALL my maternity wear is from here.. on that trip alone, i bought two polo shirts, three pairs of elastic maternity pants, 4 tops and 1 dress for less than RM350 (1 million rupiahs)...

Not only was it dirt cheap, but the material of the clothes were of good quality, and the cutting of the shirts weren't circus like, but actually slimming (ironically) and i always get good reviews whenever i wore them out..

You probably can't tell that i'm 7months pregnant in this picture... wearing my fave maternity shirt and stretchy pants.

My belly an all it's glory. :P
I liked the brand so much, i hunted the store down with Mashi's help when i went to Medan recently, and got a few more tops. :D

Anyway, fast forward a few months from July and i was faced with my second physical change, which were my already big boobs, turning into gigantic melons... frankly, till today i'm amazed that i can stand upright with my now, E-cup boobs and ever expanding belly...

Speaking of E cup boobs... i recently discovered it is almost freaking impossible to find 85E cup bra's... Everytime i do find them, i end up buying 2-3 pairs... because i know it's simply a bitch to find my size.

Now my latest and most recent hell is trying to find E cup nursing bra's that DOES NOT cost RM200 a piece.. because i 'plan' to breastfeed my baby (apparently it is a big deal to everyone that i do this).. and it's about time i find some nursing bra's/attire because my little sucker will be here sooner than we know it... and it's SOO frustrating that i can't find nursing bra's my size.. the girl at the triumph counter gave me wireless C cup bra and told me to 'Try lah'.. being hormonal and frustrated i almost slapped her.

I haven't been a C cup since high school... what makes you think that i could even try to pull one off now?? It's like trying to wear a SMALL when you know you are an X-LARGE.. so silly.

Anyway, yesterday Muuzi took me out and told me he wanted to get me a maternity dress.. i'm guessing it's for the baby shower that he's planning in secret.. he's not good at hiding things. I went along with it, only to be annoyed again at the selection of maternity wear in KL.. Even Muuzi got frustrated and finally we gave up and had some drinks to cool down.

Then i persuaded Muuzi to go to Forever 21, i mean, if i can't find a maternity dress, might as well check out some nice sundresses that will do the job. As usual, F21 never disappoints. Although they don't have a maternity section (they do in the US btw).. i found some lovely sundresses which i found flattering..  

I ended up getting 2 out of the 3 dresses above. :P My husband spoils me sometimes... 


cahya indah said...

the second dress looks amazing, you look hot mommy Ayesha :)

Ayeshadam said...

Thankies :D :D

I liked the second one too, tp i didn't get it. huhu

shep said...

u look great ! good luck with the baby!

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