Sunday, October 30

I'll drink to that..

All alone on a sunday afternoon, Mama went teaching and Muuzi is at the office.. I'm starting to feel like today is Monday..

Muuzi has been working crazy hours all week long, coming home at 3-6am, working on this campaign for one of their clients (FYI: Other than being a amazing rockstar, Muuzi has a very good day job where he's the Interactive Group Head at an ad agency)...

I feel so guilty watching him work himself sick so that he can provide the best possible life for our future baby.. but since i'm not working, all i can really do is make sure this baby is healthy and make sure none of the 'home' situations bother Muuzi.. like throwing out the trash, and stuff like that.

I don't know how i would ever repay him for all the things he has sacrificed for me, and i wish i could contribute more, so then maybe he wouldn't have to work so hard... but if i know my man, he never does anything half heartedly. Be it work, Comida, the band, or family... he always gives out 100%, or at least the best he possibly can.

I just wish, people didn't take advantage of his kindness, and big heart... and actually start appreciating everything he does for people, because i feel that people tend to expect certain things from him without regard to how he's hoping with the pressure of expectations.

My husband is the best man i've ever known in my life... and it's about time people recognize that.

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