Monday, October 31

Insomnia and Baby room obsession..

In case you didn't already know this, one of the awesome pregnancy side effects that come with anxiety, mood swings, fuzzy memory, bloating and acid reflux... is insomnia.

Yay fun.

So not only am i already cranky, moody and sore all over.... now i can't sleep properly. So unfair.

I think the insomnia is mainly caused by the anxiety of things to be done... like the baby shower, and getting all the things on the list, and making the storeroom into a nursery, and giving birth and parenting anxiety in general.....

ps: This is unfortunately only half the mess.... which i could take
panoramic picture of the entire mess i'm dealing with. -_-

Plus with Muuzi working all weekends, and mama disappearing every so often.. i'm left obsessing about the nursery by myself, and honestly it's driving me crazy that i can't carry all these boxes and move the cupboard by myself. Urgh.

I seriously recommend god make super strength one of the side effects of pregnancy, instead of making us so freaking fragile and weak. -_-

It's so freaking frustrating... i find myself just standing at the nursery door and staring at the mess trying to figure out where am i going to put all this junk... and on top of this drama, i'm so tired since i can't sleep. Which is making me more pissed off than anything.

I seriously pity the fool who crosses me today.

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